Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today has been a lazy day. I did nothing but chill out. Surfed the internet, surfed itunes, read (Twilight), watched TV (The Game Plan (?) with "The Rock". The one where he has a little girl..way too cute). Lets see... talked to mom and dad for about an hour. See what I mean...LAZY!!! And I think it will be that way tomorrow too. I'm still bleeding from the surgery...not sure how long that's supposed to last so I've definitely decided to slow down. I go see the doctor for my two week check up on monday.

Matt is excited to come home. He said he is tired. I bet he's hard being put on a schedule. But wait until he comes home...he'll be so used to getting up early that his body alarm will kick in. Hmmmm....maybe I'll invest in some ear plugs!

I wish I could drive Friday....I want to go to the movies. It's become my treat for myself. I thought I'd hate going by myself but it's actually fun.

Okay, so I know my last few posts have been boring...but now you know how bored I really!

No more torchure tonight!...

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Lazy is a GOOD thing for you right now!!! Just relax and enjoy it!

So, your letter will be...."P"!