Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So I'm one week and a day after surgery. I've been told to take it easy. Basically rest and relax. No lifting, vaccuming, etc. Well I haven't been able to stay true to that. My house is a wreck and I have a teenager who just doesn't understand...or because of that nasty stage... just doesn't care. I put my own sheets on the bed the other day. I have a kingsize mattress. I took my time doing it but it sure pooped me out. Then today I couldn't handle the kitchen anymore. I gave in and cleaned it. Afterward I took a very long nap...I was wore out. When I was growing up I had chores and I helped around the house. Unfortunately I didn't have the backup help I needed to instill this in my children. My youngest is in charge of the dishes. His idea is to load the dishwasher maybe 1/4 full and that's enough to run it. Oh, and lets not forget that he thinks the dishwasher is a scrubber too. Forget about wiping down the counters or cleaning out the sink. And I've done the laundry. I did demand someone take the baskets of clothes and put them on my bed. I was not a horrible housekeeper back in the day. But when my kids got old enough to help out, BUT DIDN'T ...I gave up. Just as soon as I have everything looking nice...WHAM...its a mess, that fast. I know this is a big ol long rant but I had to get it out. I'm dying inside! Can I go live by myself?!?!??!?


Aubrey Garff said...

I completely understan Lynnette. My kids are small and although they don't quite know how to clean up they sure as heck know how to destroy a house in record time. I cried about it for an hour yetsterday.

Kat said...

I am so glad that you are starting to really feel better after surgery. Look at it this way - you HAVE to be feeling better if the condition of the house is getting to you. :D

I don't think any kid (including the "big" kids) know how to help out and really clean anymore. I think it is such a rude awaking when they are on their own. We just make it too easy on them.

Take care of yourself and don't do too much. Believe me it will still be there when you are really allowed to do more. You don't want to prolong the recovery.