Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pondering Friendships

I was thinking about the friends I've made since I moved to Texas. At the time my husband was active duty Marine. We moved here in 1998. For the past 5 years we lived in Belton, Missouri. I did daycare and developed friendships with the other daycare providers. Being the kind of person that I am...I gave my all in a friendship. I developed a strong bond with Percilla. We took our daycare kids everywhere together, we watched each others kids when we got sick, etc. A true friendship...right?!!??! Or so I thought...

When Steve got his transfer orders to Texas I was sad because I had good friends here, especially one.

(Sidenote: I'm very greatful to have come to Texas. We were ordered to California. I have never wanted to live in California. I always dreaded it. Well, one of my daycare moms knew our monitor and reminded him that he owed her a favor. She told him to not mess with her babysitter because she did not want to go to he sent us here to Fort Worth)

Ok, back to my ponderings...When I told Percilla that we were moving to Fort Worth she dropped a bomb on me. She did not hang on to friendships once people move. She said they come here, they leave, they're gone, end of story. I was floored. That's not what I consider true friendships. I don't cut people off like that! How can people do that. I was devastated. I have friends all over the place. I sure remember them and kept in contact as I can. Yes, I know distance can make a friendship fade, but it's not like cutting it off completely and pretending it was never there. I felt real alone when I moved here. I had no friend to share my change with.

Anyway, my point in all of this was that I don't get it. I've been thinking about it for the past few days (don't really know why). Can anyone explain it to me.

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Aubrey Garff said...

It sounds like that is the way she protects herself from the hurt of having her friends move. She probably has so many people come and go that it's too much on her. I know since moving away from home it's hard to hear from people sometimes because I miss it so much. I'm sorry, it hurts to feel like you have been forgotten.