Thursday, December 11, 2008


My friend has this on her blog and I thought it was pretty cool, so I asked her for a letter. The game is easy! All you have to do is make a list of ten of your favorite things. There's a little catch. Everything on the list has to start with a specific letter of the Alphabet. That letter is randomly assigned by the blogger who you are playing with! I got "P".

So here is my list of 'P' favorites in no particular order:

1. Pasta, pizza, peanut butter...when you love food like I do, you can't just list one!

2. are my way of capturing memories. I'm a scrapaholic!

3. Playing...with Gizmo. He is the pup who has stolen my heart!

4. Proud...I'm proud of my children and the accomplishments they've made in their lives!

5. Plenty of friends...I have made some real good friends over the past 8 years. They are truely a blessing.

6. Parents...I love my parents tremendously. They lovingly raised me in the right way to live. For that I will always be grateful.

7. Petunia, pansies, petals...yep I love flowers of any kind!

8. Peace...I love peace. I am a peace maker. Live is so much happier lived in peace.

9. one of many colors I enjoy.

10. Promise...the promise of a new day is something to look forward to. Will you make each day better?

So there you have it. I did have to get a little creative as the letter 'P' wasn't as easy as I thought. So now leave me a note and I'll give you a letter to work on!!

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