Monday, November 24, 2008

Matt Bootcamp Graduation

My visit with Matt was just wonderful!! Get ready for a long post here…lol

We were scheduled for the 5:45 AM flight out of Fort Worth to Houston. We live 45 minutes away from the airport (You need to know this before hand). We get there and pull out our ID’s….all except Matt’s girlfriend Jenifer. She left it at our house!!! So needless to say we did’nt make the flight or the flight from Houston to Atlanta. We drove all the way back to my house got her ID and booked it back to the airport hoping to catch the 6:35 am flight. We were 5 minutes late. Murphy’s Law you know! We finally got to Atlanta around 5:00 pm. We stayed at The Suburban Extended stay Hotel (Jeannie do you know where that’s on Victory) It was pretty nice.

Matt’s Turning Blue Ceremony was on Thursday morning. It was so cool to see him come running out to formation. Steve put his blue cord on him. Then Matt got to spend the day with us. We just went back to the hotel and chilled. Matt was in seventh heaven updating his computer, etc.

The Graduation was Friday morning and boy was it COLD!!! I got some cool pictures (at least I think so) of the little presentation they put on before the soldiers marched onto the field. There were 250 soldiers graduating. I loved it! Matt got to spend the weekend with us. Took him shopping for clothes, etc. He’s so happy to have some freedom now. And He got his cell phone back. He’s already text me today…hehehehe.

Fort Benning is huge!!! Biggest Base I’ve every seen. It was a great time.

The flight home was miserable from Atlanta to Houston. Since we were on passed we got the left over seats. I was stuck in the very back row, middle seat, in between two older men. One was real nice and we talked a bit. The other guy was annoyed because I’m not small. It was claustrophobic! But I made it home and I get to pick up my poochie today at 2:00!!!

Sorry this was so long. I’ll attach pics in a bit. I’ve got to figure out how again!
Everyone have a great day!

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