Friday, November 14, 2008

Is this my house???

This morning I talked to mom and dad for a bit. I'm so excited to have them come spend Christmas and NewYears with us!! We will just sit back and relax and enjoy each others company!!

After talking to my folks I started you know what I found out... the lamp shades in my living room are cream in color...not grey! It was like getting a new accessory for my living room...LOL!

I had bought a new vaccum because our windtunnel was too hard to maintain. Well the one I got is Bissel and I really like the hose/ attachments, the suction is awesome...however I don't care so much for the rest (except it does real well on hardwood floors). So I have decided to keep my old one as well where I like the carpet cleaning part and not the hose.

Now that I've totally bored you and put me to sleep...I'm trying real hard to whip this place into shape. I confess I'm not the greatest housekeeper but I'm sure trying.

Matt called last night and he is sooooo looking forward to seeing us. He sounds tired. He said they've been cleaning all the equipment, guns, barracks, etc. all week. It's been no lights out 24/7. I asked him when they slept and he said whenever they can find a moment. They've learned to sleep with the lights on. Man, I could never do that...I want it dark!!!

Tonight Ghost Whisperer is on and I'm shocked they killed off Melinda's husband. My jaw hit the floor in last weeks episode. Tonight I've already to everyone...LEAVE ME ALONE...while I'm watching it tonght.

It's getting cool outside. The coldfront is starting through. I just wish it would stay, I'm a winter kind of girl!

More later...

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Melanie said...

I wonder if my lamp shades are really a different color too??? Hmmmm