Monday, November 10, 2008

I wrote Matt a long letter today. I was listing the things I had to do before he got home. I started to get that anxiety feeling. It's a strange feeling. It's a sense to describe...a sense of not being in control. It didn't last long but I was surprised I felt that way in just writing a letter.

Anywho, I'm taking a deep breath and trying to go with the flow.

Yesterday we practiced for the Primary program. What a hoot! Our primary is fairly large...imagine at least 50-60+ kids in a restless state for 2 hours. Oh my gosh, the program is supposed to be about 35-40 minute took 2 hours to get through it just once...hehehe. Somehow every year it all works out. The children behave, remember their parts, and hopefully the pianist doesn't screw up LOL!

One worry has been removed from my mind as far as work is concerned through my recovery from surgery. I will be bringing my PC home so I have access to everything on it and not have to worry about someone else printing something out for me. So I'm relieved. I'm one of those people who hates relying on others for help. I know...I need to let others help me when in need. It's not only a blessing for me but a blessing for others who want to serve. It's just hard getting that through my head.

People from church will be bringing in meals for a little while in the beginning so Steve and Alex don't have to worry about it. My folks will be here for Christmas and just having them here to enjoy their company is a comfort. Steve's mom may being coming down too. She would do anything for me. I will say that I have been blest with the most absolute wonderful parents anyone could ask for. And I also was blest with the most wonderful Mother-in-law!

I am so looking forward to Matt coming home for Christmas. He loves Christmas...the lights, the music, the Christmas shows, the goodies...just the whole feeling of love at Christmas time.

I remember one Christmas while growing up that I'll never forget. We did a sub for Santa program that year. I was a senior in high school. We were asked to buy gifts for the children of the family that we were given. We did more than that. Each of us kids willingly gave up part of our own christmas and purchased toys for the children. As a family we didn't stop there, we also provided clothing to this family, including the mom & dad. They were hand me downs from our family, but these clothes, coats, etc. were in awsome condition. Then we bought a Christmas Tree with all the lights and decorations. Then we provided them with a Christmas dinner including all the trimmings. I remember when we got to their home, the father had the kids go in a back room because "Santa" has just arrived. My dad does the best Ho-ho-ho's!!! You could hear the kids giggling of excitement in the background. As we brought all of these things in I glanced at the mother and there were tears streaming down her face. It was the most humbling moment for me. It wasn't all the things we were giving them. It was letting these strangers know that we loved them. The car ride home was silent...a peaceful silence. Grateful to be able to serve our brothers and sisters of the world. I always tear up when I think about that Christmas. That is what Christmas is all about.

It it so past my bedtime but somehow I feel like I just might get enough sleep. Going to sleep on these wonderful memories. Think I'll listen to some Christmas tunes to go to sleep by!

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh Lynnette!

I'm so crying happy tears over here! What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it!!!!

I always participate in Toys for Tots, but I wish I could see the kids opening them!!

Oh man! I didn't start our 100% thread..........YIKES!!!!