Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's been a great weekend!

This has been a peaceful weekend thus far. Yesterday I woke up and decided I wanted to go to an early movie. Chose to see 'Letters to God'. OMG, very touching and uplifting. It's about a little boy who has brain cancer. He writes letters to God daily. These letters don't just help him, but help those around him too. The postman, who has some struggles of his own, is affected greatly and turns his life around. The boy writes a letter to a classmate who has made fun of him. He tells the classmate that he forgives him because he knows that the boy just doesnt understand what he is going through. The letter turns the classmate around. And so it goes....

One part of the movie effected me a lot. He tells his mom that God chose her to be his mother. It made me think a lot. I have always felt I wasnt the greatest mother. So many things I wish I could do over. Well, God chose me to be my boys mother. They were (and are) special for me.....I was special for them. Im not perfect and God knows this. But with His help I raised my boys the best I could.

Great movie...I recommend it to everyone.

Came home from the movie and did the usual....laundry, clean, etc. Then I sat back and relaxed by catching up on all those DVR'd shows/movies I had. I watched the movie about the Amish community that was changed by a gunman who killed some school girls in the school. The main message in the movie was forgiveness. The main character in the movie was a mother of one of the girls killed. She had no desire to forgive and didn't understand how any of the others could forgive. It turned around for her when she learned her daughter had told the gunman that she would pray for him. She forgave him for what he was doing. Powerful message.

Went to church this morning and had a wonderful lesson in sunday school about charity. Also had a good lesson in relief society about prayer. I feel full today...I like feeling like this. I also chatted with one of the ladies in the ward about Emma Smith. She is so knowledgeable about Joseph and Emma Smith. She gave a presentation a few weeks back (she has been all over giving this presentation) about Emma Smith. I have been entrigued by Emma ever since I heard this presentation. I had some questions, which she answered but she also gave me insight into the sealing of my boys. I'm feeling peace.

I think I will get a church history book and do some more learnin'.

I like where I am right now with myself. I know Im heading in the right direction and it feels good. It hasnt been easy the past year but it's getting better. I have the tools to push forward and to stay on the right path.

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Mimi said...

I'm so happy to read this post! You deserve the best!