Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Week

Got my insurance cards today...woohoo!!!! No longer uninsured, its such a great feeling. Now I can go to the doctor and have my meds changed up....allergies are killing me! I forgot how bad they were up here. I got used to them down in Texas and my meds worked. But they sure dont work here!

I completed a home laughing....I fixed the toilet....yep all by myself!! LOL :)
Small accomplishments excite me (oh boy!)

Jeannie - Yes Matt is deployed. He has been in Afghanistan since December. And Im ready for him to come home!!!

Ok, the weekend was ok. I thoroughly enjoyed my temple trip. The dinner/variety show was only ok. But I need to go to more of them so I get to know people. Then it will feel like a lot more fun.

This has been a flyby...but has been a good day!

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