Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday August 2, 2008

Wow, this month has whizzed by. Was busy spending as much time with Matt as possible. On Tuesday the 29th the recruiter picked Matt up to take him to Dallas. Then Wednesday we went up to Dallas to see Matt reswear in and sign contracts. And see him off on the bus to the Airport...Destination Fort Benning, GA via the airpot in Atlanta. It was sad to see him go. My first baby off on his own. Of course I cried privately at night in bed trying to deal with him leaving. He was able to take his cell phone and use it until Wednesday night when he got on the bus at ATL. He was texting me and then had to put his phone up. Haven't heard from him since. I'm antsy....I want to know that Matt is okay. Yes it's the Mom in me. I told him that even when he's 102 years old...he'd still be my baby!!! Otherwise I think I'm doing okay. Dad gave me a great Fathers blessing of comfort. I really feel it's power right now. Anyway I've added pictures for you to see. Please keep Matt in your prayers.

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I am STILL the Queen! said...

Hugs and prayers are a given!!!

You have a lovely blog Lynnette! Keep it going! I really like doing mine and it's nice to go back and remember ALL the things we go through.

I hope you get your letter from Matt today!!!