Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday September 13, 2008

We watched all last night and quite a bit today concerning hurricane Ike. We were going to get tropical rains and winds as far north as here. The only thing we saw was a regular rainy day. I feel blest because Ike did some heavy duty damage in Galveston, Houston, etc. I guess I followed Ike more closely because I served my mission in the Texas Houston Mission which encompassed all these areas. I even served one month in Galveston. I was there during hurricane Alicia (not in Galveston) but in Madisonville, which is one hour north east of Houston. We say heavy rains, winds, downed trees, etc. then.

Matt called today to make sure that we were not in harms way. I assured him we were fine. Matt has settled into boot camp. He is a squad leader!!! (I'm so proud) and qualified as a sharpshooter. He's just shy of qualifying as an expert, which he is working on now. He loves going to church and says he feels so good when he walks through the doors. Matt graduates on November 21st. I'm looking forward to going to his graduation. His girlfriend, Jenifer will be going with us (which Matt is so excited).

Not a whole lot has gone on the past little bit. I'm still plugging away. Am definitley having a struggle with the diet. I've put a couple pounds back on (which I hate) but I'm going to try real hard starting tomorrow to get back on. I've worked so hard to get to this point and I don't want to fail.

Alex is working at Spring Creek BBQ. He buses tables and seems to enjoy making the money. He drives Matt's car to work which frees me up in the evenings.

Steve is plugging away at stopping crime on the streets of FTW.

Gizmo is....well...just about the sweetest thing around!!!! He and I have a routine every morning on the days I work from home. He wakes me up...way to early *sigh* and gets on the bed, smothers me in kisses. Then I have to let him outside. Once he's done,we race to the couch where I get the second round of doggy kisses. Who wouldn't love that!!!!!!

Well...I'm a bit on the exhausted side so it's off to bed for me...nighty nite!!!

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Aubrey Garff said...

I cannot believe that the little boy I visited years ago in Kansas is in the army. What a studd! I am so proud of him. Please tell him I said so even though he probably doesn't remember me.