Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Beginning

Im here guys....sorry. I've been doing good but dealing with a few issues...normal stuff I guess. I've been feeling pretty lonely. This house is sooo quiet. I talk to Gizmo (Im in trouble if he answers back!). Work is slowly coming around. Sam has a hard time finding the time to scan it in and send it to me. So some days Ive had nothing to do and have been very bored. Im pretty much settled in...just have my scrap room to unpack.

But last night was the beginning of a new life for me. Yes Im going to tell you all about Way back in the day, there was a group of us from church that hung out together. Maybe 20 or so (yes we were large). Well one of the girls, Nancy, planned a reunion get together. Most of us havent seen each other in 25-26 years. So there was a breakfast yesterday morning.....I did not go. Wasnt sure if anyone would remember me and Im self conscious because of my weight (I was normal back then). So Nancy called me yesterday afternoon and asked where I was and why I didnt come. That everyone was asking about me. Anyway, she coerced me into going to the dinner last night. I will tell you I sat in my car in front of the church building for 10 minutes before having the courage to go inside. WHAT WAS I AFRAID OF!!!! I walked into the building and was I had the best time...Im still smiling. It's funny how people change..there were some I would have never recognized. Others..well there was non stop hugging. One friend that I knew since...gosh, we were 12 yrs old maybe....she's moved back too...when I did. She was telling everyone that her best friend had come back! There were 2 guys there that I had dated. I actually was very nervous to ever see them again. One of them had been my best friend for 4 years, he had wanted to marry me...I just didnt feel the connection you need for a marriage. He's married now and he was there. But all was good. We hugged and talked (his wife was there too), got pictures. And the other guy...he's single again :0) There was an old roomate there and just the whole gang! We brought pictures of our kids...they thought my kids were handsome. I cant wait for the next one.

Tonight I going with a bunch of them to a fireside at church...really excited about that.

That lonely feeling left last night. I feel a connection again to the area and to people. I miss my boys immensly but I will make it now.

I wish all of you a great Sunday. Thanks for being my friends. For being a shoulder to cry on.

I'll post more later

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Aubrey Garff said...

I'm so glad that you had a good experience. It takes something like that to make a place feel like home.